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Cottage Psychiatry's Policies, Pricing and Privacy Info

Cancellation Policy

Office Cancellation and Overdue Balance Policy

All appointments must be cancelled 24 hours in advance in order to avoid being charged for their missed appointment. Our clinician relies on income from scheduled appointments and requires that your credit or debit card information be kept on file in the rare instance that you do not attend your scheduled appointment. Your credit card will be charged ONLY FOR MISSED VISITS/ LAST MINUTE CANCELATIONS AND FOR OVERDUE BALANCES > 30 DAYS. You will have the option to use another method of payment should you choose. In the event of a missed appointment, that has not been canceled at least 24 hours in advance, your card will be charged for the cost of the scheduled visit. 

We send out text reminders and emails of appointments as a courtesy. However, you are responsible to keep track of your appointment. 

Patient Privacy Notice

To maintain your privacy, Cottage Psychiatry MUST obtain YOUR signed consent in order for us to obtain  health information and reports from providers you list and your consent is needed in order for us  to release health information including copies of your medical and mental health record of care received from Cottage Psychiatry to  the persons, locations/facilities listed  in such consent form for the purposes described.

 If you would like a family member or your parents to be able to speak with your provider, you must include their name below as well. This legally binding form will be sent to you as part of your initial intake package, and can be withdrawn by you, in writing.


Though Cottage Psychiatry accepts many forms of  Insurance, we also accept privately- paying clients.

The following rates are for Private Pay Services in 2023: 

Psychopharmacology (Medication) Intake (60 minutes)- $350 Intake paperwork and other documentation provided by the patient are reviewed in advance at no additional cost.

Psychopharmacology follow up (Medication Management) Appointment (30 minutes)- $225

In order to remain in good standing with our prescribing practices, all patients MUST attend a medication management telehealth visit  no LESS than every 3 months.

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